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Australia Day BBQ at Larry and Annette's

Australia Day 2011 dawned bright and hot and several of us gathered at Larry and Annette's lovely riverside park setting for a BBQ.

Under the shade of a big old tree, they had set up tables and chairs and the BBQ, all decorated with aussie flags and gum leaves.  Against good advice, Eric brought his bike and trailer down the grassy slope to park under the tree and have access to his trailer.  So we used his stereo to play John Williamson's Aussie songs all morning.

There were a couple of competitions - best dressed Aussie - thong tossing (both types) for which the winners recieved nice baskets of goodies.

A small game of cricket was started up but the heat got the better of us.  All the fielders were on the leg side - under the shady tree.

Come time to leave, Eric had a small problem getting the bike and trailer back up the grassy slope, doing some impressive trailer reversing.  I think it was a half jacknife in the pike position finishing with lay-out.  Nobody got the layout on any of the numerous cameras there.  I did get film of the more successful second ascent.  See below.

Annette has done one of her famous picture layouts.  Click on it for a larger version.

Australia Day